Restrictions / Rules

Your HamSphere blog / Home Page is an extension of the HamSphere system and your HamSphere callsign and should be treated and respected as such.


  • Your blog is a personal space for you and your callsign and should not be used for commercial activity such as a company.
  • Adding Google Adwords advertising is OK. Any other commercial advertising is prohibited.
  • You can freely use the supplied widgets and themes.
  • You may add other widgets/plugins by using the TEXT widget and paste the embedded code there, but please respect the copyright.
  • The templates should not be changed or tampered with. They are updated regurarily and will be overwritten on a frequent basis. If you want a special design, we can however make that for you as a public template.
  • You may not upload or share copyrighted materials such as movies, torrents or other file-sharing stuff.
  • You may not share media containing pornographic images or any other disturbing messages containing racism or antisemitic remarks.
  • You will need a HamSphere subscription to use the blog system.

We reserve the right to remove and ban any site without notice if we find that it is not in compliance with the rules above.